About Us

About Us


Our Educational Goal

Our educational goal is to give our children a solid foundation for learning, and to help them develop a positive self-image that will be an asset to them throughout their lives.

Our Philosophy

Each child approaches learning differently. Rise and Shine recognizes the fact that children bring to school a wide range of developmental levels, backgrounds, experiences, and needs. Children also learn best when the environment supports constructive, purposeful play that allows them to explore, manipulate, discover, question, and experiment, all while interacting with other children and teachers.

The whole child is important to us, which means that Rise and Shine provides opportunities in language, social, spiritual, physical, cognitive, and creative development. All activities and materials are age appropriate and relevant. The program includes small groups, large groups, gym, music, and art. Classrooms are set up in interest areas that consist of a sand/water table, dramatic play, blocks, math, reading, writing, listening, science, and art. We are rich in Language Arts and Math; and we are proud of the Science and Social Study projects that we do throughout the year.

Finally we value a partnership with the families of the children we teach because this also promotes development and learning.

Our Mission

Rise and Shine Christian Education and Preschool is loved and supported by Polaris Christian Church. Polaris is passionate about its role in supporting families in their efforts to raise their children to know God and to follow Christ.

Rise and Shines mission is to provide a loving, supportive, and safe environment where children will:

  •   Establish a foundation for learning in kindergarten and beyond, and
  •   Learn about Gods awesome love and how to live out Christs example.

Planned Curricula

Rise & Shine uses Creative Curriculum and Handwriting Without Tears.  

Creative Curriculum is an award-winning curriculum that is based on sound research that aligns with the Ohio Early Learning Content Standards. It supports our program’s philosophy of teaching and recognizes all areas of development. It is appropriate for children from birth to age five, and offers an assessment tool that is on a continuum. 

We use Handwriting Without Tears to teach writing skills. The curriculum uses hands-on, multisensory materials that appeal to children and increase their desire to learn. 

Activities and Programs

Field Trips:

  • A hayride in October
  • A trip to Plum Creek Senior Assisted Living Facility
  • A fun day at the park


  • Family Thanksgiving Feast
  • Christmas Pageant
  • Curriculum Night
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Family Open House

We also provide Parent/Teacher conferences, class pictures and a book club.  Rise & Shine has many ways for a parents to participate if they wish to do so.